Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am not illiterate.

So, I haven't been able to get online on my laptop at home for like two months. As you can imagine, this has been killing me. I mean, it cuts into my facebook stalking time and my sleep depravity obsession that I have. So, instead of staying up late to blog, stalk, watch movies and generally rot my brain, I've been having to sleep! Sleep! At night! It's unheard of! Especially at my age, right? But, now, I've finally got it up and running. To get to the point: I am not illiterate. 

When I finally got around to calling the people at Embarq DSL, they ran me through this rigamarole to find where the real problem was emanating from. He told me to push this button, push that button, unplug this, replug that, disconnect this, connect that and so on and so forth. I was on the phone with Brandon - my personal DSL tech for the night - for almost an hour. Eventually, he came up with the idea that it was my router that wasn't working correctly. After a series of questions, he came to the conclusion that router was definitely the problem. It was just "too old to work with the new DSL box" that had come in the mail a few days previous. So, it was bye-bye D-Link, helloooooooo Linksys. Below is a photo of my new router. :) :) 
Yet, this is not the only thing. I'm most proud of myself because I set it up by my little selfie!!!! I fail at anything technology related unless someone has previously shown me how to do it or there's a little booklet with explicit instruction on how not to fail at putting it together. This new router came with an instructional CD but the directions on it were minimal. This is pretty much setting me up to fail. 

Anyways, I put the CD in, double clicked and looked easy from the very beginning. I thought it was going to be supper simple because all of the information was all laid out and ready to go! Yes! 

It lied.

I followed each step an finally got to the "click finish to finish" button! Success! It gave me all the green little checks that indicated I had done everything correctly and my airport was showing the name of my network, phoenix, like it was ready to be connected! I thought I was finished! I was going to be able to get online and facebook stalk people! 

I thought wrong. 

As soon as I unhooked the blue cable from my MAC the airport signal vanished. 


I couldn't figure out what I did wrong! Still panicking, I put the blue cord back in and still nothing! I re-clicked on the installation CD and started all over. Still nothing. Then, I figured it out. I had to undo the password and re-establish the new network with my MAC. 


I fixed EVERYTHING! I am so very proud of myself. You totally can't even imagine. 

The moral of the story, I am not computer illiterate!!!!! :) :) :) :) 

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