Monday, March 23, 2009

Treading Deep Water

Fate is quite the wicked tease.
We've got children starving and living on the streets, all over the world - but they're popping up more and more in the U.S.. We've got single mothers being kicked out of their houses and going without food or medical attention just so they can feed their children a single meal.

And yet --

We've got these suits who walk around like the world won't touch them. Like their million-dollar suites and hundreds of thousands of dollar cars won't be touched by the recession that they've so generously thrown this country into. And, you know what? They probably won't be touched because their companies are giving them thousand-dollar bonuses! Ridiculous!

Didn't we used to have a system that worked in the reverse? We took from the rich and gave to the poor? (Cue Robin Hood - even the Disney version, please.)

Speaking from experience here, we've got students who work their butts off to pay for school, phones, houses or apartments, animals and food, just so their parents don't have to work as hard. But, what are we working to, really? A whole life of paying more taxes just so the already rich can sit on their ever-expanding bottoms and live out their lives in plush security?

Oh, no thank you! Sign me up for whatever flight, ferry or train takes me out of here.

I've been thinking that I'll move to Canada, Ireland or Australia - at least in the outback, all I'd have to worry about are the aborigines, sting rays and the ever present threat of melting. But, hey, maybe I could pull of that look?

Talking with Carole: We've decided that the U.S. is belly-up and bass-ackwards.

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