Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Ink

I've decided that I'm going to get a new tattoo.

I have two that I'm currently debating between, a Gaelic swan - for the Gaelic Zodiac and this thing little saying that Stephanie - http://carpetbodies.blogspot.com/ - and I have going. It pretty much encompasses life and relationships as ice cream flavors: Ice Cream Equals Life, or something to that extent(look for that in a future blog). I'm still waiting for her to come up with something beautifully ornate that I could never come up with in my wildest dreams. Because, I am not artistically inclined in and forté that doesn't have to do with words or make-up. So, lets all just be serious and agree to that, yes? Well, since I have nothing to show you for the worded tattoo, this is the other that I'm thinking - with massive tweeking, of course.

Naturally, it won't be in those exact colours or on the bow of a boat. Also, it'll probably be sitting on a Trinity Knot of some kind. I've not quite decided. Nor, have I decided where I'm going to put it. I'm thinking on my foot, the bend of my elbow or wrap it around my forearm.
I was thinking that maybe I could intertwine the two, but I don't see how that could happen. Ice cream doesn't have much to do with the Gaelic Zodiac or the Children of Lir.

You see, I have a nice little problem to deal with. But, it's fine, because I haven't even called Becky to talk about a sketch yet! I'm a huge slacker. Here's the website, if you'd like to check it out. Actually, it's a myspace page, but oh well! http://www.myspace.com/benaroundtattoos I don't think that Becky - the artist who did my other two - has a website. I should probably check into that? I need to call and set up an appointment, first. Maybe I'll wait until the summer? But, then, I won't be able to go out in the sun for a few days without taking the risk of burning the crap out of my ink'd skin. Oh, the decisions!

Sometimes, I don't think I'm mature enough to make all these crazy decisions. I'd rather just stay at home, in bed and let my mommy make all the tough choices. Then, I realize that I would never do anything fun if I let her make all the choices and I get out of bed to go do it myself - makes for a more interesting day.

Talking with Carole: She thinks that I should just leave stick with the two tattoos I have and go on with my life, making the choices that I make for whatever reason I make them. She says it seems to be working well enough so far so I shouldn't screw with it. I agree.

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  1. you could absolutely do with another well-placed one. Still have to get my first! I'm working on the design- but we'll see. I'm sort-of brain farting too, because I don't know if you want it too cute, or more pretty. Maybe I'll just doodle... (and that's how I get distracted!)


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